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Steps for Updating Online Docs

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Depository Online Document Selection Updating

Tools needed:




Add your item numbers to the relational database:

  1. Download a listing of your item numbers from Item Lister. 
  2. Save as an Excel file, then Import it into Access. 
  3. Be sure to remove quotes from all the fields.






  1. Go to Depository Selection and Directory
  2. Enter your depository number
  3. Click on your depository number to search
  4. Search Active, New items for 2 months
    1. This will give you a listing of new items added to your profile.  Scan the list to see if there are any you don't want.   Delete these at DSIMS
    2. Search Inactive, New items for 2 months
      1. This will give you a listing of new items that have not been added to your profile.  Scan this list to see if there are any you want to add.  Be sure to add any new numbers to your access database, in addition to adding them to your profile with DSIMS.


Webtech Notes


  1. Go To Advanced Search and choose the dates you want to search between.  Click on Search
  2. On the next page, go to the bottom right corner and click on Display # and choose 35.  This shows the most records per page.
  3. Click on Select All, then Export CSV.  If there is more than one page of results do this for all the pages.
  4. If there are multiple pages you will have multiple excel files.  Combine them into one file.
    1.  I sort the sheet by Category and look at the “UN” (new items) categories.  I move their item numbers to a different column, and put the item number listed in the notes (i.e. libraries selecting x) in the item number field.  This will then match with my item numbers and let me know if there are any new items I need to check. 
    2. Save it as an excel spreadsheet and import it into the Access Database.




In Database tools, choose Relationships.  Add the tables you created and link them to the Item List. Use a query to match the new items to the selection profile

  1. Using  the simple query wizard, choose your selection profile table with item number, and the webtech notes table with sudoc number, title, notes, category, status, and entry date.
  2. Click on Make table and give it a name
  3. Click Run
  4. View your new table

If you save this query you can change the monthly webtech notes table each month.

This will give you a customized version of webtech notes.  You can sort by category to see the Class/Catalogue updates, New Items, Miscellaneous information, and the always popular What Happened To. 


New Electronic Titles


You will need to have the extension Table to Clipboard installed in your browser

  1. Go to the month you are interested in, copy the table and paste it into Excel. 
  2. Save as a spreadsheet and import it into Access.
  3. Link it to your item list on the relationship screen.
  4. Open the table with the new titles and remove “online” from the item number field, and any other words that end up in that field, such as MF.  You may have to remove some empty lines as well. 
  5. Use a query to match up the new titles with your selection profile.


Using the Simple Query Wizard:

  1. Create a query using your monthly online docs and your selection profile-linked on Item Number
  2. From the Selection profile choose “Item”
  3. From the monthly query choose “Sudoc Number”, “Title”, and “Year”
  4. In the Design area, choose “Make Table” and give the table a name
  5. Click on “Run”
  6. View your new table



If you save this query you can change the monthly online docs table each month.

This creates a list of the new Electronic Titles added for the month for your selections.  Add them to your catalog as you normally would.


For more information, help or a sample database contact Jocelyn Shaw at jshaw@hackleylibrary.org or 231-722-7276

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Nadia El Anani, MLIS said

at 2:41 pm on Nov 11, 2013

This is terrific! Thank you for sharing. I know it will be useful as we expand our electronic Government Document Collection here at JDL.

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