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Local government information

Page history last edited by Bruce Sarjeant 11 years, 11 months ago

UM Documents Center Local Governments links.  This is the big one.  A pretty comprehensive list of links to counties and the local government entities in them that have a web presence (not all do).  Also includes regional government entities, maps, and statistics.  A few of the pertinent links for government documents have been pulled from it and are listed below.

  • Michigan Townships Association.  Michigan is one of 20 states that have township governments, and as they say on their website, "if you don't live in a city, you live in a township".
  • Michigan Association of Regions.  Also known as Councils of Government (COG’s), these are non-profit, politically neutral lisisons between all forms of government: township, city, state, county, ISD, planning district—you name it.  There are 14 in the state (11 downstate and 3 in the UP).  Depending upon the thrust of the particular region in Michigan, the COG will concentrate on transportation, economic development, water planning, etc.  Each produces publications of local and regional interest (most of which are available free from their websites), dabble in GIS (which may or may not be available online), and are outlets for Census information.  They also train local officials in grant writing, policy writing, and are points of contact for the Michigan WORKS! program.
  • State and Local Government on the Net--Michigan.  Although missing a few links, this website points you to the webpages of the counties, townships and cities.


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Grace York said

at 4:18 pm on Apr 4, 2012

There's a new URL for "Local Government Links": http://www-personal.umich.edu/~graceyor/govdocs/michlocl.html This hasn't been updated since I retired in 2009, but if there is interest, I will be glad to do so. Grace

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