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Questions and Comments

Page history last edited by Maria E. Danna 11 years, 6 months ago

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Since I'm brand new to the GODORT Wiki, I hope this is the appropriate place to submit miscellaneous documents processing questions.  While an FDLP desktop procedure exists for handling a misdirected shipment box of documents, we don't know how to address the occasional misdirected single document. 


For example, a recently-misdirected DVD, The Story of America's Wild Horses and Burros (Dept. of Interior) was discovered inside a box of docs titles we customarily receive.  This DVD should be on its way to an institution that expects it, instead of languishing here on our "docs mysteries" cart. 


If anyone knows how to re-route a single misdirected document, please advise--I'm all ears.  Many thanks! 


Maria E. Danna, Supervisor

Oakland County Law and Research Library


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